Residential IT & In-home Computer Repair



Residential IT Services 

Dive into a world where technology meets comfort. Our array of residential IT services ensures your home technology ecosystem thrives. From managed IT to internet of things setups, we’ve got every tech need covered.

Data Recovery

Never lose a precious memory or an essential file again. With our state-of-the-art data recovery services, you can rest assured your digital assets remain safe and retrievable.

Learn more about our data recovery services.

Prioritize Your Cybersecurity

Safeguard your digital realm with our robust cyber security services. From robust firewalls to proactive malware scans, we guarantee a shielded online experience.

Internet of Things (IoT) Setup

What is the internet of things? Imagine if your fridge could tell you when you’re out of milk (some actually can!), or if your alarm clock could set off the coffee maker, preparing your morning brew right as you wake up. Sounds like magic, right? Well, that’s the beauty of the Internet of Things or IoT.

In simpler terms, the Internet of Things means connecting everyday objects to the internet so they can “talk” to each other and to us. By setting up these connections, we can make your life easier and definitely smarter. Our experts specialize in setting up, configuring, and integrating various IoT devices, ensuring your home remains interconnected.

Printer Repair & Setup

Printer not working? Leave your printer setup problems to us! With our dedicated printer repair and setup services, you’ll never face an issue alone.

Virus Removal & Computer Health

Our services help keep malware and viruses away with our computer virus removal services. Our team ensures your computer remains pristine, fast, and virus-free.

In-Home PC Computer Repair & Software Installation

Need a computer geek near you? Our in-home computer repair and setup services bring convenience to your doorstep, handling everything from software installation to hardware issues. Learn more about our IT managed services.

Apple/Mac Repair

Our Apple specialists offer a range of services for your Macs, including MacBook cleaning, repair, and more.


How close is your IT support near me?

Our service area incldues New York City, the Lower Hudson Valley (Rockland and Westchester Counties), and Northern NJ (Bergen and Passaic Counties)

What distinguishes your computer support services from others?

Our commitment to excellent customer service and 12+ years of expertise set us apart. Each technician is required to be A+ certified, meaning they passed a rigorous exam testing their IT skills.

I have a MacBook. Do you offer specific mac or Apple services?

Yes, our specialists are trained to know the ins and outs of Apple’s computers and are are adept at handling all Apple product repairs, cleaning, and maintenance, including Macbook Pros, Macbook Airs, iMacs and more.

How do I get in touch about in-home computer services?

Just reach out to us, either by phone or our online contact form. and we’ll schedule an appointment. Our experts will arrive at your place, ensuring your tech is set up and running smoothly.

Is my data safe during the repair and recovery process?

Absolutely. We take data privacy seriously and keeping your private information safe is our top priority. Your data remains secure, confidential, and untouched during all our services.

Can you assist with printer repairs of various brands?

Yes, our experts are trained across various printer brands and models, including HP, Epson, Canon, Brother and other major brands, ensuring we can resolve any of your printer-related problems.

How quickly can I expect a response?

We pride ourselves on swift and efficient service. Once contacted, we usually respond within a few minutes to a few hours that same day, depending on volume and whether we’re helping someone else.

Managed IT Services

Let us keep your tech up to date 24/7.

Data Recovery

Lost important data? Rest easy, we will recover your personal files for you!

Cyber Security

Rest assured your network is fully secured.

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